Carbombs Are Cool

by The Stupid Stupid Henchmen

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Dumb kids making dumb music. Had fun. Hated people. Hated cops.


released May 5, 2005

Mike Vlad - Drums
Ted Peterson - Trumpet
TC Covell - Bass
Chet Knebel - Guitars, Vox
Josh Belfado - Influence and Support



all rights reserved
Track Name: Abused By The System
Abused by the system

The spirit is lost I can’t find my way
Im lost between corrupt lies and all this greed
And everything ive loved ive decided to hate
Im stickin with the devil cuz its all I need
And I don’t know what the hell im still looking for
Its too much to ask my fuckin brain is dead
And I can’t think straight , its like a pain full chore
Im so sick of this shit, I need some pain killer

And ive been abused by the system
Im fight off these poisonous Christians
They keep preaching to me for my better life
Im not looking for god , just a sharper knife
And its easy to say, “that im living fine”
But I can’t hold the truth for that fuckin lie
And I wish there was light to see
But since the devil’s around its all blackening

Theres nothing I want more in life
Than death it’s a sacred sin
It leaves an imprint in us
No one even know you til yer dead
And I keep on hating you
Im feeling better everyday
So im taking out my anger now
Fuck this “free” world is so deceiving
Track Name: Holy Hell
holy hell

can you feel the pain , when when you’ve lost everything down the drain flushed away and its burnt into flames now yer all alone, with nothing but yer dignity but its fucked from the world and yer own self pity

keep on praying to yer nothing up their he’s been dead for over 10 million years i find it funny that this joke gives you hope when yer in hell you’ll see you shouldve use the rope

load up the clip, sit back and let it fucking rip run into your church , and preach the bible by shots fired teach those long lost souls a lesson that they’ll never learn fill the church with gas and watch the mutherfucker burn

keep on praying to yer nothing up their he’s been dead for over 10 million years i find it funny that this joke gives you hope when yer in hell you’ll see you shouldve use the rope so now you burn alive from yer own mistake but this evil in me , man it fuckin feels great feel everything you’ve lost its gone an forgotten so this is what you get cuz yer lifes so fucken rotten
Track Name: My Mind Is Sick
My mind is sick.

Its torture living life through this world of fucking lies
Designed to brainwash yer mind, from everything you see and hear
Im struggling to get by my on my own, the worlds just one big mistake
Were destroying everything, that we’ve ever fuckin known

Im so lost in space, im questioning why I live,
Im just a clone for mr. bush to go to war and die in vain
Im tired and disheveled , id rather reign in hell
My mind is sick sick sick, so im cutting deeper in

Everythings turning black, I cut my arm and slit my neck
Im happy though you’ll all die, from following the media’s lies

Im still lookin hard for what I want and what I need
And not create some shit, that I follow falsely
So turn yer cheek and raise a finger, were all here to kill each other
They’ve got me on a leash, so im cutting in to set me free

My mind is sick sick sick

So im cutting deeper in

The devil lives not far from home

I feel the heat from his fiery pit.
Track Name: Quite Frankly I'm Sick Of It All
Quite Frankly im sick of everything

It seems that my aggression,
has been taken out cuz im fed up
with the world and its lies
nothing good seems to matter
its all the same and its never gonna change
ive heard it all before and ive seen that shit
were not progressing the way we should
so get the fuck up and do something good

No one believes what you say,
Yer thoughts are kept locked away
Alone, quiet, cut up and dead
Passed out from the loss of blood
The potent smell of no god
Lying in his bloody bed
Its hard to breath cant even see
A bored victim, life failed me

we keep falling back and losing our place
nothing reproductive is designed to kill
im contemplating death for all the reasons
im sure im fine but that god makes me crazy
it hurts to speak and it hurts to breath
a well made noose wouldn’t keep me suffering
all this shit im fuckin sick of it all.

I never talked, you never heard
Invisible, I feel absurd
I hate the times, I hate the day
Make these thought fuckin go away
Im lying here in my own blood
Feel the pain of no love
It was in his head this whole time
Fuckin tickin like a bomb
Track Name: Prove Me Wrong!
Prove me wrong

I don’t know what the hell im still good for
I lost all feeling the day I died
Inside my head im a rotting corpse
Deader than dead I don’t know why I lied
And I don’t understand who I really am
Just another number for the dmv
No more expression just a sculpted face
Rotting away , day by day

Its eating my flesh from the poison you speak
Im ripping out my hair an turnin my cheek
Give me one more chance to prove im dumb
Im just a bored victim what has life become

And I can’t really express what I mean
Without killing a cop or burning a flag
im still just finding my way with a long walk
deciding who I am and why im here
and I might not return if I find myself
alone , quiet , cut up and dead
im feeling better now that I spread it
so if ya see me walkin put 2 in my head

it may seem crazy but its better off
im coward at heart just put me away
im sick of the world cuz of all its greed
so I’ll hide behind the darkest shadow indeed
and seems things never change
its getting worse every generation
if you prove me wrong I’ll put down my gun
leave it up to you to sing this song.
Track Name: Watch Me Die
watch me die

the demon inside me told me to kill him sublimely
but the poison and pills did nothing but blind me
so to you my best friend i guess this is the end
i hope this helps you cuz you never fuckin helped me
but i bleed and i bleed screaming for you to read
that note in yer dresser but the blood may have made it messier
i’m glad that i’m done , my final moments in the sun
but its just as dark to me as the demon inside of me

i’m dying away my bodies turned grey,
and i hope im long gone by the end of the day
but i’ve been waiting too long my stomaches been shot,
the gun lays beside this fuckin pile of rot
i had fun while it lasted the blood and disaster
the gun and the blade my own game of charades
freeze frame the impact of the bullet and throat choking,
maybe you’ll believe me now when i said i wasn’t joking

and when yer so alone, and silence is all you know
there’s no light at the enc of the road,
so fuck you all and to the god that you pray
i’ve wished for hell every fuckin day
the misery grew as my body decayed
i prayed to satan for this shit to end
another funeral for you to attend

the demon’s voice drove me here
i couldn’t laugh, i couldn’t tear
though ecstatic i was fuckin scared
but i was lookin forward to this fuckin day
here it is in its final thought
its more beautiful than you all’d have thought
sicken yer minds and don’t blink an eye
cuz yer all just here to watch me die
Track Name: Oh No No No
Oh no no no

well ive walked across the sea and come to realization that people are beasts no matter where you are strugglin to live with what they got so i appreciate everything i have in this police state i still get sad and wonder when all the 3rd world countries set off their bombs and leave us all dead

oh, no no no...

and all the shit we talk we should be banned from our own democracy it shouldn’t be allowed to kill our own men and women designed for equal rights , but i guess they fucked that up so no matter where you go yer never treated the same at yer fuckin job miss tits gets a raise for suckin their dick and fuckin the eagle this shit happens every fuckin day
Track Name: Syringe

dead bodies in the center of the road
like carcassed road and a bloody rose
this is the fuckin end
were all coming to an end so kill yer friends
cuz theyre better off dead in the color red. haha
ive lost my fuckin mind
i’ve gone to war and death feels close
its breathing down my back and ive got no remorse

incarcerate the rich
don’t trust yer friends and that lying bitch
ive suffered too much im feeling the pain
half my life has gone down the drain
snapped from reality
pick up the gun im on a shooting spree
i don’t give a fuck who you are
yer dead to me.
Track Name: I Hope Yer Happy I'm Paranoid
I Hope Yer Happy I’m Paranoid

hey what the fuck were all run by scum
suffocating, bleeding cutoff, deteething
were all falling apart in parts as a whole
surrounded by corrupt government officials
screwing up killing the innocent and me
fucking up all over and spreading death like fleas
a virus disease like bacterial mold on cheese
eating away at everything we got.

i feel so close to the fiery pit / cuz satan’s got my soul in it
exploit the demon inside of ya / and kill the first cop you see in front of ya
i feel no pain in here/ and my eyes don’t shed a fucking tear
but i watch the church flame in the air / and the shadow of the devils pointy ears

i sit strapped inside my cold dark bed
i watch the clouds separate into their final sunset
ive locked away from the greed and hate
cuz the people are fucking beasts to me
look at the corruption , disfunction
the lies, red skies, white lines, bruised blue
all the people who plan to kill you
cuz you got much more but its death to you

and the killing sree has just begun, / cuz the cops say we can’t have our fun
i try to love my life with what i have / but the laws got me cuffed and then got me stabbed
but the people are happy they go through their lives, / controlled by the media religion and lies
and as the devil get stronger, his torture lasts longer / just look at the power he’s set upon us

theres something thing more to life / than living by the laws and the rules of the white
we’re all run by the scum of the earth, / and it seems we’re brainwash since the day of our birth
but i don’t feel no pain in here / and my eyes don’t shed a fucking tear
but i watch the church flame in the air / and the shadow of the devils pointy ears

i’m paranoid as fuck, cuz this is all just my luck
i’ve been treated and beated so fuckin badly i’m bleeding
dont trust anyone cuz they don’t know the truth
of the worldly greed and the power they abuse
im a victim of this shit cuz i never gave a fuck
and now im locked in a room were im never getting out
so here i am im fucking wilting away
im so fuckin lonely join my death bead with me.!!!
Track Name: Cursed (Feat. Bankshot Mike)
CURSED (feat. Bankshot mike)

the tabloid read that the world was doomed
i lay bare in the emptiness of my room
and inever lied and i never cried
there was never a moment i didn’t wanna die
but the sadder it gets when i fall apart
i was naive to think that the world was good
and so the world changes for the worse
it seems we’re all controlled by this fuckin curse

everybody’s headed the wrong way
misled by the lies and blood red skies
im running away to a better place
where i am free and not run by the white race
consumed by the rich we’re all sold for pennies
laboring for gods who run this country
controlled by the hands that murder millions
its the fuckin same every fuckin day

but the things you love and the people you trust
will soon fade away with a knife full of rust
cuz i’m planted in fear with a dead lookin stare,
the rope strangles my throat as i struggle for air
adolescent points of view have no societal means
and coruption and greed slave both you and me
my hearts beating loud through this dark grey cloud
it seems we’re all controlled by this fuckin curse!!!

Track Name: Label Me Insane
Label Me Insane

I've been so misled that my brains left dead
Im thinking 'bout leaving but the world's misleadin'
Its making me crazy , cuz i'm covered in pain
So they throw me in a cell and label me insane
And i'm finding ways to still hate god
Through these bars of hell satans all I got
Cuz someone once said that the word is painless
Well I guess their body’s numb cuz blood aint stainless

and I used to have fear but its faded
away cuz im used to the pain cuz it never leaves.
So i'm full of rage built up from this cage
i've made ways with the devil , life's never been this evil
I have a heart but its black as hell.
Killin you all under church bells

I never felt love that’s for people above
Cuz theyre livin' a lie with that suit and a tie
Pretending they're shit but they're nothing at all
They aint ready to die but they're in for the fall
An I laugh to myself is all this for real
They're all puppets for the man who controls the wheel
Guiding they're lives like a crash test dummy
It seems all these games are too fuckin' funny
Cuz its hard to believe what to do to achieve
Is getting raped everyday by the corporate cock
Getting fucked around doesn’t seem to please me
That’s whats made me insane it ain't hard to be
So im crossin' my heart , an' im prayin' down low
Betrayin' the law, and feelin the pain cut slow
Well i've found what I love and its so hard to admit
But its helped me out so that label means shit.

And each passing day I’ll never regret what Iv done or said
There have been so many times that I wish I had
A loaded gun to put a bullet in my head
But i've changed my ways since im met my heart
Its was dark as hell and starting to rot
But it got picked up and it's hard to believe
That i'm lookin good and I don’t wanna leave
Track Name: KMC

He’s a fake mutha fucka with no morals in his nucka
he sings about shit with no meaning or value
yet he dominated school with his charm and his figure
he had a feminine side or was just a good liar
everything he did people thought it was great
a class c muthafucker used his shit songs to control ya
he took all the women , and deflowered then hit em
so when you see him joggin,... kill mike coffey
Track Name: Overwhelmed

I can’t let the world get to me
With my bleeding dreams and my nightmare screams
Cuz The fear of death has slipped my mind
And were all dead right now its just a matter of time
Kill kill fuckin rob and steal,
don’t obey the laws cuz he’s not fuckin real
so do what you want and don’t get caught
cuz ya can’ go in the world with the fear of being bought

cut yer eyes and pluck out yer teeth
cuz its better not to see and its safer not to speak
they’ll hear what ya say and take away all ya got
cuz that hurts the most when you lose yer true love
sit there I’ll leave ya with a blood stain
Ive pulled a gun on myself and I’ll do it again
slice slice here my fuckin throat splice
I never will admit I like hanging from a tree

When the world gets to you
Hold yerself back cuz nothing is true
Yer friends let you down
They stab you in the back and never come back
Bloods trickles down my arm
Attacking like a storm
I wish id feel the pain
Cuz its blood I want and death I seek.
Track Name: Cashin' My Check
cashin in my check

i can’t help why i hate these pigs
Imprinted in my mind on how they beat the kids
for most of them its just a power trip
cuz holding that gun makes em feel like a “man”

i kind of like the color red , it looks good on white , but better on a blue suit
i don’t give a fuck what the say cuz i’ll take em to court and have em waste away
cuz we pay their salaries and fines but when they harass our kids that fuckin draws the line
but the law says that we’re a democracy and that’s run by us so lets have the judge beat

its called payback son, every cop needs some
so when one dies its cuz of us , putting order in its place
and when things get out of hand, buildings fall and people die
we the people , police the state, feel the fuckin power

ya were dead to me a long time ago when you took that badge and gun and that fucking oath
you just proved yer weakness and that yer brain is dead, ya aint thinkin straight yer all i hate
stop lying through yer teeth, you don’t sound tougher and yer look is meek
yer already behind a wall of lies, no truth or trust look at the blood on yer hands.

its kind of sad the things that you do
for the media news and a merit badge
and i swear to yer god that i’ll have you dead
before yer next breath, put a shot in yer head
and im not alone theres people out there
who hate your fuckin stance on life
and they’ll all stand strong against yer point of view
the common person has more sense in their head than you
so fuck yer ideals i don’t need no control
i was far more stable before i met you fucks
and it seems that way for many other people
you make us paranoid when yer riding our tail
so... my head is spinning and i just cashed my check
bought myself a gun and pack of cigarettes
so pull me over now mr. state trooper
im aggravated enough don’t fuckin test me.
Track Name: Hosting A Soul
Hosting A Soul

it feels like a demon inside of my mind
i can’t control my thoughts, with this bloody river of mine
i don’t know why i cut, this voice is telling me to
im going 6 feet down, i can’t go on any more

im getting sicker than sick i kind of like being dead
i’ve changed the channel so that all i hear is hell
i don’t know why i close you to fall back on to abuse
you seemed so easy to catch all i did was fool you
i don’t know where i’m headin i lost all my sense
bloods dripping from my hands, the only tool that works
it gets rid of my problem yet im the biggest one
i can’t control my mind its fuckin blown away

everythings so fuckin useless i don’t see the point in anything
exceppt for that fucking knife it clears up my mind
im shaking from the pain its keeping me alive
im sitting strapped to a chair the kind that kills you
for hurting the inocent cuz i needed something to do
the shock goes through my body but doesn’t kill my soul
its somewhere lurking out their beyond the living dead
and when it finds its host it’ll do the same to them
Track Name: Get The Fuk Up
get the fuck up

authority fucks you over, their power’s based on god and lies
that oppress the weak imprison us for having fun so fuck the law
abiding by the rules we still get fucked cuz a little noise
complaints form the neighbors whose son’s are cops, that spite us
cuz were having fun.

get up and fight the law!

they lock you in a cell deteriorate who you are
and brainwash you of what you’ve done they keep ya chained away from fun
were pathetic and weak we have no strength to fight them back
a victim from their mistakes i don’t see a reason why i live

this is so fucking wrong were worked till were dead
no time to go out or we’ll get shot in the head
im a prisoner in my own fuckin home
its a Nazi camp controlled by the man
its a sad fuckin sight i just wanna hang out
ya can’t do what you want without sucking their cock
so why go on when were living this life
its a cold fucking world no one is ever nice
i’ve decided to stand up and fight for my life
why are the rich white men the only ones with rights
im falling apart and i wanna kill
my brain has snapped cuz its all for the thrill
it keeps on getting worse the pressures building up
the army behind me is ready to kill ya sublimely
its a total state against the people you hate
they’re all premoddonnas cuz of the power they abuse

now were all realizing- that we have no control
theres no comfort in slaving - for the rich and wealthy whores
you might as well just shoot me now - cuz im better off dead
than 20 hours of work a day - fuck this power based state

Get up and fight the law!
Track Name: Dying In "Honor"
dying in “honor”

they think were all blind , that we don’t have a clue
slaves for their games victims of their mistakes
take control of this violence show
and stand up for the good and kill all that you hate haha

im shaking from the pain and the sight of this blood
what the fuck did i do i was fighting for love
and the wrong ideas against our capital hill
its aggravating my mind allowing the blood to spill
throwing out our cause to reform the nation
cuz they got a better idea on how to kill our children
were getting paranoid we can’t do what we want
so as these riots break out kill every mutherfucking cop
cuz our 40 hour weeks went from sweet to sour
were all killing eachother for a dollar an hour
its like a civil war between the rich and the poor
somethings will never change thats why i lock my door
oh no its never safe im a victim of the murder rate
they fuckin killed my kids by shipping them to the bay
i think this is the end cuz my body is numb
im losing my vision and i’m just talking dumb

this fucking place is run by scum
there is no truth so trust no one
its wrong to think of what you want
imprisonment is what you get
you think wer free? well think again
when yer called on to kill some men
you die in “honor” and by “god”
so fuck that shit and kill some cops...
Track Name: Livin' In Hell
livin’ in hell

im living in hell cuz my life was a sin
and all i did was kill a couple of men
took it all out on me cuz my poor attitude
and the lack of respect towards the boyz in blue
“fuck you pigs” so they beat me down
they kicked in my teeth and they threw me around
laughing at my torn face and broken bones
i grabed his glock and dropped both cops

tell me is this wrong or right? i was abused by the blue so showed em my rights
i defended my self took control of the scene
put two more cops sown for their final sleep
now i’m serving my sentence for saving my life
for killing those fools that use the bible to guide
so now im burning in hell and i fucking love it
terrorizing the lives of those who abuse it

so when yer mistreated and abused by those assholes
take action, fight back and never regret it
they’ll assume the position like a punchin bag
to scared to fight back cuz its a deadly suprise
so lets all rundown their lives and bomb the precinct
kick them square in the face like they did it to me
rape these fucking swine press the gun in from behind
squeeze the trigger tight and hear them scream for god

so here i am, im fuckin with their lives,
its too easy to kill , i fuckin hate these swine
put down that badge and gun and hide that crucifix
yer getting nowhere son, all you’ve learned was tricks
obeying the laws made by some fuckin god
has no right for you to kill through the fucking law
so i’m taking a stand next to tha devils throne
and im doin what is right for all and for one
Track Name: They Make Me Blind
hey make me blind

fuck their color they make me blind
i feel sick inside
a pale white im gonna puke
they wanna oppress you
they steal yer shit and sell it for cash
take all the credit and get all the ass
a posterboy cuz ya got blue eyes
fuckin taste the wealth of the white man’s lies

shut yer fuckin mouth turn off the tv
cuz whites all you hear and thats all you see
its a disease, disorder a new world order
brain washin us straight out of our mutha
we’re taught to hate those not the same
less fortunate, then place the blame
the color white its shining bright
but its dull as fuck and rejects whats right

**bite the bullet fuckin ghost
eat the shit that you deserve
its royalties compared to most
things that you put others through
watch the blood run down like sweat
yer gettin whiter now that yer dead
revenge will take its toll
don’t let them ever take control

fuck their color they make me blind
i feel sick inside
a pale white im gonna puke
they wanna oppress you
my face is numb from this angered look
all my shit the white man took
its not wrong or right its just for spite
i’ll rob him back and put up a fight
ill run you fuckers down straight into tha ground
kill yer history now theres nothing to live for
no more corruption , just a safer assumptioon
that we’ll all live in peace , with no war in the mid east
keep runnin yer mouth with yer pale lips
yer more ignored no one hears yer shit
its all versus one drop tha shit , grab a gun
Track Name: Clowns With Crosses
Clowns with crosses

I don’t wanna fuckin hear it
just keep that shit to yer fuckin self
And don’t spread it to me cuz im fed up with god
One more thoughtless word you’ll fuckin die and rot
And im not open minded about your senseless king
Cuz when ya turn yer back yer fuckin in for the sting
so never take it to heart cuz you’ll find you’ll get screwed
millions have died and billions were fooled

put trust in nothing and keep moving on
don’t fall for their tricks and keep yer money son
desolate I know but it always works
so fuck that system and fuck that cult

Ive said It too many times ,
stay away from religion and their fuckin lies
You have a mind of yer own so put it to use
Cuz the more it hides you fuckin suffer abuse
And I don’t why so many people adore it
Its supposed to give hope but all I see is tears
And it saddens me to see ya suckas fall
But you get what you deserve, fuckin nothing at all
Just a book of lies and a clown with a cross
Look back all those years and see the life that you lost
You had so much more and so much to give
Now it’s a reason to die and wonder why you live
But now yer struggling to think cuz they stole yer mind
Telling you how to live life what to do to survive
Giving money to the church cuz ya think its for a cause
Yer a goddamn hippie with no reasons at all

I never felt like I had anything to hate this much
But I’ve seen the evils of your mother fuckin church
So don’t fall prey in their hands choose your own fuckin path
And do whats you and not what anyone else tells you to.
Track Name: Walking Zombies
Walking zombies

Everything that’s related to god, I find it so misled
A cult like prayer takin over yer life, grow yer own mind not based on lies
try not to hid behind the wall of shame, their books are just stories that only place blame
yer corrupted thoughts went right to wrong, since you look for help from nothing

its freaking me out it sucked the life out of you
yer a walking zombie obeying gods “truth”
and its so fucking wrong youre not learning whats right
machine processed mind , brainwashed with lies
it don’t agree with my stomach im spewing up truth
take it anyway you get it and absorb it through
but don’t preach to me that im living life wron
yer slaving for nothing, maybe just yer funeral song
there aint no Sabbath day in the book I wrote
no psalms or hymns just an ungodly not
pursuing the truth, and why we are here
find a reason to live not live life in fear
rounounce yer faith in god and put it in the devil
a satanic cults based on the darkness of evil
and its more common sense then you’d ever thought
get the fuck away from yer god, cuz its makin ya rot.

And it feels im the only one here,
all alone in the foggy trails of fear
I don’t see how its right setting up mass destruction
To change points of view to turn to religion
Cuz its always for money who the fuck cares if you sin
It don’t mean shit thers no such thing as god
Why the fuck waster yer time on a senseless act
machine processed mind , brainwashed with lies
Track Name: Clean
I dont wanna be clean,
don't wanna take a shower.
Track Name: Grinding Away
Grinding away

Give me my board and I’ll skate till I die
I’ll be cruising down the streets screaming fuck the police
It’s a feelin I get that you cops will never touch upon
Cuz when im grinding away authority means nothing to me

Im grinding away from this hell the cops , this fuckin country
They try to hold me down cage me like and animal treat me like a clown

From spot to spot we skate,
destroy the property of the people we fuckin hate
Ya can’t stop me from rolling the streets
cuz it’s the closest thing that ive felt like im free
theres nothing like landing first try
when you’ve built up yer balls at the top of the flight
but when the cops kick you out for skatin a curb
put the trucks to his face and grind him away
ya don’t understand what its like living here
the best spot to skate is like a stale beer
ya still get yer fix , but its no marble ledge
and with these hassling fucks it puts me over the edge
don’t wanna pay fifteen dollas for 3 hours of fun
in cage full of pads and 40 other punks
so when they say . get the fuck out of here
I start losing my mind cuz my boards all I got

Im grinding away to another spot
I might as well just skate till I fuckin rot
And when the cops try to hold me
I’ll do trick after trick screaming fuck the police
Track Name: Crooks

they kill the kids with no regrets
and play the games and bet the bets
they find excuse to shoot some more
and rape the weak and starve the poor
stain my hands blood red
cop their guns and shoot em dead
tie em down with their hands and feet
crucify em like they did saint pete

they make me go insane
dressed in blue they all look the same
revolutionary, sometimes thats too damn scary
squeeze the trigger swing the club
lay dead bleeding in a tub
behind the bars of the fuckin law
its worse than dead its fuckin raw(wrong)

when yer handcuffed against the wall
spit in their face and scream fuck y’all
don’t try to change my fuckin looks
i’ll kill you all you god damn crooks
you’ve taken every thing from me
you killed my love from yer shooting spree
theres no word for what you are
and ya don’t even know yer rights from wrongs!!!
Track Name: Hang Me While I'm Still A Schizo

my eyes are bleeding cuz i saw the truth/ of the worldly greed and the power they abuse
and all this time i believed what i saw / now i’ll never believe whatchya said at all
cuz hurts my mind i feel paralyzed/ ive been sheltered from the truth with my sewn shut eyes
it keeps haunting me day in and day out /like this darkening shadow that follows you around

i wanna go crazy sometimes i wanna die / fuck that i’m gonna go through life witha devilish eye
a satanic mind for the purified soul / it kills what jesus preached to you years ago
but you have to accept it and never regret it / or you’ll end up dead the minute you fuckin bend it
my soul’s owned by the devil and i’m feelin fine / i’ve been dragged down to hell, no i see the LIGHT!!!!

**yer perception is wrong , you got no common sense
wer a soldier for an army with no back end
cuz yer bossed around and you do what they say
got no life of yer own , yer a pawn in their game
and when you slit yer wrist cuz yer heart has no love in it
don’t come running to me for help
i’m just a bystandard with no moral

i’m barely alive danglin from my neck / cuz my other half says that im a fuckin wreck
i’m in my room all alone and cold / a sad look on my face stuck with the lies i’ve told
i’m choking to death my lungs are imploding / its all because this fuckin worlds exploding
i’m better off in hell cuz thats where i belong / i’ll fit in in there without trying at all

and as time goes on we all burn alive / cuz were so misled that it hurts inside
my final thoughts before i let you go / why do you lie when you know its a joke?
im heating up from the anger i’ve held / you better hope god will save you now
so take a step back before i unwind / cuz i’m insane fuck it , ive lost my mind!!!

Track Name: Carbombs Are Cool (Hell)
Carbombs are cool

Flippin through the channels past cnn,
I saw amusement bring to an end
20 people’s lives all innocent ,
doing what they do like its another day
Tha mother fucker blew up takin the life inside,
and threw bystandards high in the sky
Israeli suicide bombers are no fuckin fools,
they changed my mind thinking carbombs are cool

Laughin hard through my stomache ulcer,
I was so intrigued I hardly felt the pain
And deep down inside I know this is wrong,
But the evil in me struck my evil chord
Whether there was reason or not I don’t give a fuck
The flames in the air brought me memories of hell
And satan’s trident of which he’d cast his evil
To the unsuspecting fools who are ready to die.

Yer god is dead. With evil like this
Proves satan’s alive and living fine
And you think yer all living a good life
Wait for the clouds to cover yer house!
Track Name: Since The Train
since the train

yer eyes took my heart when i was struggling to stand
a moment of love washed the blood from my hands
you gave me something to look forward everyday of my life
but as the years went on the tighter i held the knife
i should have jumped the fence broken the rope
give it all up for one more glance of yer eyes
i wouldve killed for you everyone in my sight
until its just you and me, but i seemed i lost the fight

i lost all hope for this,
ending the day with a bloody mist
another kid bites the dust
cuz he can’t find someone to trust

in the last year of school i just gave it all up
but i never stopped loving you i just fucked myself up
thought i could love another cuz i never had the chance
to put yer lips next to mine and maybe dance a small dance
i couldn’t take shit no longer i fucking hated my self
i tried my hardest to find you right by my side
i really never thought what i know today
how much i really love you and i want you to stay

but the nights without you it stays so cold
come warm me up and never let go
i wish i knew what you felt long ago
all of the pain and the shit you were through
i would have taken you the moment you cried
and fill up yer smile and hoped the other died.
now i’ve got what i wanted i’ve never been the same
i’ve got better look on life since the day we rode the train
Track Name: Clawing My Skull
Clawing my skull

im clawing my skull , there’s nowhere to g
i see the green light and i stop
everyone seems to be heading the right way
i’m going all wrong and its hard for me to see

trick or treat yer gonna die, open yer bag its full of lies
a stale stench and full of shit, but you keep selling it
its messing me up my familys on crack, i dont know what to do its like a knife in my back
im the only one who see’s it through , i keep on fighting for the right thing to do

i’m so alone , the only one for this cause
i have my own plans, im my own bossand i keep on fighting for the right thing to do
and get put in jail and get fuckin screwed

im looking decent but im fucking up theres nothing i can do to clean myself up
and all ive had its all gone now, im all alone but yer all around,
youve killed my hope, my fucking dreams are dead, workin 8 hours a day and im still in debt
cheated by the system the lowest form of life, son now i’m hanging next to my fuckin wife.

my eyes are shot, ive been up too late,
i can’t get to sleep cuz im paranoid
the all hate me cuz im different than them
i wear baggy pants and i shave my head,
deteriorating my life’s on the edge
im falling apart when the wind blows my ash
im sort of evil and im kind of dumb
i aint nuthing to fuck with , so ya better run.
Track Name: Sugar Coated Satan
Sugar Coated Satan

Everybody, Satan's gonna take our souls tonight,
From start to end we're the stupid henchmen and we'll kill you all tonight.
Track Name: Burnt To Death By The No-IQ Radical Group
out of tune, and sucks.
Track Name: The Storm!
the storm

from the beggining of time we’re all put in a line
with cowards and cops, and business men with suits
same shape same form with no identity we’re born
to keep the country clean and cuz of that i’m mean
we’re breeding and seeding like clones in this room
no truth or past where we all come from
its sad you see we’re all shaped to be
a cop, soldier, the president, and queen bee.

blood trickles down my arm and its attacking like a storm,
severed and faint, aint the feeling great, i cut off my life line and killed what i hate
alone and weathered with the T.V. box with subliminal messages that hold me with locks
i think that i was driven here with a serated edge sharpened like a spear
c’mon now you got what you wanted, a brainwashed soul and 6 billion others
this sickness has gone too far, you got double bogey while shooting for par
you’ve created a monster out of men, why can’t you fucking see
i never knew what war was, now that its upon lets blow the world up

but i wish i could live in a world where everybody gets along
we’ll all live in harmony and sing this motherfuckin song
thats not the truth i say everything i want goes the wrong way
cuz if i wanted to die i’d just brake my neck and be paralized
lets blow the world up, so we don’t have to deal with
eachother anymore, no more fucking storm
its not easy though everyone’s against us
they wanna make us suffer, an makes things on us tougher.

where does this madness come from, is it the heat and power of this sun
it boils you up to yer last thread , and when its that weak many people end up dead
religions contradict themselves, and satan’s soul is controlling my mind
come close and look me in the eyes, theres a firey pit thats evil inside.!!!!
Track Name: Boredom

No one believes what you say,
Yer thoughts are kept locked away
Alone, quiet, cut up and dead
Passed out from the loss of blood
The potent smell of no god
Lying in his bloody bed
Its hard to breath cant even see
A bored victim, life failed me

There was no other choice in his head
Ther was no other choice in his head
Ther was no other choice in my head
There was no other choice in my head

I never talked, you never heard
Invisible, I feel absurd
I hate the times, I hate the day
Make these thought fuckin go away
Im lying here in my own blood
Feel the pain of no love
It was in his head this whole time
Fuckin tickin like a bomb