It's Never As It Seems (Single)

by The Stupid Stupid Henchmen

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Just a stupid song from the new upcoming album. Soon. I Hope.


released November 8, 2016

Chet, TC, Brice, Justin



all rights reserved
Track Name: It's Never As It Seems
Its Never As It Seems

i got enough of this bottle of gin,
to last the rest of my day alone
and i thought of who i wanna stay in touch with
and who id rather forget was born.
contemplating the years ahead,
i was just thinking what a friend once said,
'what the fuck you gonna do when im gone'
its been about two years now, and not much has changed
ill always think about the times we spent,
and the amount of useless shit we'd talk about
and truthfully all of my beliefs are still the same.
im not just swayed by any fucking preacher's son,
i count the days down til my time is done.

Its hard to think about years from now
when the whole world comes crashing down
it just seems everything's over.
theres no hope for change
theres no hope for us today

I'm a mess, but im a lover and a fool,
who'll never ask for any help cuz im just shitty to myself.
and i don't knooooow what the future holds,
but i bet that i will still be broke
and hoping theres a fire to end this fucking cold.
its almost worth it when you're by my side
and watch me self destruct and lose my mind,
turn back the time and tell me that im not alone.
i don't believe in much, but i believe in us
so lets dig ourselves out of the rubble
and turn around together and watch the world burn.

fuck the future they burned our dreams,
i'm out of touch with this dying scene
it just seems everything's over.
theres no hope for change
theres no hope for us today

stop the hate, we need unity,
how the fucks a war gonna help us be one?
the truth hides deep below reality
and this hope of freedom is never what it seems.

im out of step loving this world
thats when i know i drank enough,
my sober thoughts are pessimistic
try and try and stand me up.
when you were down and out
and asked me for help
i did nothing
i did nothing.