Charmingly Demonic

by The Stupid Stupid Henchmen

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(free) 02:14


released February 14, 2008



all rights reserved
Track Name: Another Tough Day Of Illiteracy
Another tough day of illiteracy

Im stuck!!!! , whats one plus one? I can’t get past mr. tangent and cosine
I need another radical change Im loosing blood count on mathematical pain
Im sorry but im native to the jungle Of the amazon tribes who taught me to hustle
Don’t ask cuz I don’t understand Id rather have a pickle than a problem in my hand

Im used to these splitting headaches With a stone face look, blank stare in my face
You lost me an hour ago Now im lost in my nothing zone
Like back in the day when Id study with Beavis,
That’s cool miss 2, but Id rather just leave this
I’ll mind my own business and Leave my imagination over there

I was taught by fozzie and gonzo Corrupted by bart I abandoned old hopes
I dreamed of a life full of sex and gore I got my second wind!
Burn down the churches then blow up a mosque Put a phat carbomb in city hall
Did I mention I wann kill myself, or, Shoot up the skool and play marshall law

Theres too much goddamn build up in my head, I try to cut a synapse to relieve some stress, its such a mess, im a mess, my whole life is one big mess! I never try to give up
But I think this is the end!!!
Track Name: DIE Exclamation Point, Then We're Even
Die, Exclamation Point, Then We're Even

Im feelin' a lil shitty cuz i lost my best friend, giving up on me, taking a wrong turn down an evil dead end.
And somehow its sadly funny, cuz im hoping the worst, so it feels like i helped the situation.
stop stop stop stop stop
and for once think about what the hell you're gonna really fucking do.
and i don't want you any more cuz i feel awkward.and now theres no real connection.
And i must have no real friends cuz i cant suck it up and tell them what the fuck really happened.
I wanna have a night on the town, where theres a gathering mass. ending with a massacre.
Oh God
Im in this desolate room, Im hoping you'd die! to even things out.
Oh God
I've gone through this before, but my minds telling me not to let it go.
Oh God
this is all so wrong, i shouldnt have sewn myself to your fucking words.
Oh God
I feel like hell, you better clean up your act before i figure you out.
Im sure i never made things clear, what i want, how i felt
why i'd ever want to hang around you.
Just twist off my cap and let me vent on out.
I've got every right cuz you fucked me, left me tangled. confused by myself, but i wish you'd say that you hated me cuz right now i have no friends to save me
Track Name: Dual Monotone Thoughts
Dual monotone thoughts

Im printin out these copies of my thoughts
Just to see if this monotonous material is the reason im distraught
So I bought another knife so I could liven up
My dead soul with a paralyzed smile
And decide on my own if I should change the style of my pants
Cuz they sag to far under my vans
So I need grease lightning to take a chance at dissolving my ego
That leads to this path to a demonic cell held by this wrath
And way back in skool I excelled in math
It looked my future was spoiled with the riches of greed
But id be at war with myself about nothing I need

Hold on a second let me make a grilled cheese
Cuz it keeps me content when I burn the bread
I can eat it on the way to the train
Cuz I don’t wanna be late

I like to soak my feet in kerosene
And I’ve been coming up with so many dreams
Sequencing like a laser beam destroying this crack rock scene
Took metro north up to Fordham today cuz the boredom of home
Drove me out this way. I invested my time in my dreams
But my dreams are quite fucked on the yacht that I sunk
With a couple billionaires and over ten thousand dollars of
Leather chairs. In 2012 when the calendar ends
I’ll be as real as that bullshit when your born with a sin
And I’ll tell you once in a while
that I got issues that drive a sane man wild
its nothing to hide but I keep it down low
so im the only one who knows how to keep my mind in control

im concerning myself with the shit that I drew
I need to take some pressure off just to listen to you
You make me frantic when you talk about BLAAAAHHH!
I need my wisdom back from where it was pulled
I don’t wanna loom like the shadows of my past
Cuz its just as empty as this jameson glass
I fuckin hate all this blood on my thumbs
I’ve been playing this goddamn game way too much

Track Name: I Controlled The Lego Village
I controlled the lego village

I dont wanna be here, cuz i got too much to do.
Im feeling the stress on my neck, from these plastic people
I started all this from scratch with no thought or design,
to fabricate a villiage with evil thoughts in my mind
but some people said that I'm just losing my head.
i don't wanna believe them cuz theyre just full of shit.
so everything that they spit and gnaw through my skull
I'll take it all out on the town that i built to control.

I dont care what they say, cuz i've been pushed through night and day.
assault the pigs and then defy, the tyrants will all die!
I'll cause destruction. like devestation. like disfigurement.
like desolation.

so calm collected, yet brutal grim and desolate.
My inner thoughts are kept concealed beyond the publics fate,
cuz i fucked up my life and i cant decide on who to blame
and who to waste. so i'll rule the people in my insane domain.
I had a friend who said that i was crazy and grow the fuck up. but at least i aint the one out there blowing real people up.
so i may seem 10 but its better than being 20.
cuz i've got no rules, just a world of posibility!
Track Name: Carbombs Are COOL
Carbombs are cool

Flippin through the channels past cnn,
I saw amusement bring to an end
20 people’s lives all innocent ,
doing what they do like its another day
Tha mother fucker blew up takin the life inside,
and threw bystandards high in the sky
Israeli suicide bombers are no fuckin fools,
they changed my mind thinking carbombs are cool

Laughin hard through my stomache ulcer,
I was so intrigued I hardly felt the pain
And deep down inside I know this is wrong,
But the evil in me struck my evil chord
Whether there was reason or not I don’t give a fuck
The flames in the air brought me memories of hell
And satan’s trident of which he’d cast his evil
To the unsuspecting fools who are ready to die.

Yer god is dead. With evil like this
Proves satan’s alive and living fine
And you think yer all living a good life
Wait for the clouds to cover yer house!
Track Name: I'd Rather Wake As A Masochist
Im bleeding black, im in decay.
i bought a gun to put me away.
the sight of deaths an invite.
A bloody mess, im fucking psyched!

Gray matters everywhere , Im in my cell wasting away.
and what i've done in life, im a full blown hypocrite,
and when i wake up with a masochists desire,
id rather go to hell than live this fucking life.

im still trying to find my inner desire.
i'll drink a flight to flyyyyyyyyyy.
im a candlestick burning alive,
i should've been dead in 2005!!!
Track Name: Behind The Wheel On 84 East
Behind the wheel on 84 east

It sucks that I can’t feel pain no more
Cuz I read the fortune and it told me so
But it doesn’t mean that its better for my health
Cuz I cut open my heart and it spilled out the truth
For a second I felt divine
Like I was closer to being part of the sky
But the blood was right and it put me to sleep
Behind the wheel on 84 east
You always said that I was too shallow to see the truth
But im up to my neck In my own lies
That’s why I decided to cut the tie
Forget me now without the drugs
Yer only lying to yerself but fuckin you up
So pick up yer feet when yer crossing the tracks
Cuz its yer own luck yer fuckin with

I cloak myself in blood to hide the anger that I hate so much of me
Cuz I cant handle feeling more and more that this is my own fault
Im givin it up n hoping that there is and evil side down there for me
I’ve lost the motive to succeed so im endin this game to find out what I need
And when the sun comes up I nail boards against the windows to keep me shut
What the fuck is going on im not following shit to get along
Keep checking on my pulse cuz the air is cold and it’s the perfect day to die
Im not acting out im just freeing my mind

Ive tested my luck way too much
Playing Russian roulet without giving a fuck
God does it feel like im gambling my life
For sellin my soul while I was under the knife
And it seems this shit is just piling up higher and im losing focus on my true desire
But that’s the game that I play when im in the dumps,
I act like its cool but I don’t give a fuck
And stop blaming me for not feeling your pain
I told you once before that I blew my fuckin brains away
Im hiding away everthing that I use
And im consuming the problems that I had when it started
I wish I had a motive to go with
But im just feeding of yer grin that you use to lie

I tried to get a grip on life
But im just fuckin sitting here all day
The comfort of my own home
Has become a prison cell and locked me in alone
Track Name: My Man Roy G Biv
I'm too stressed to find out what im doing in this protest.
but my minds in a fling over all this bullshit,
Im down in the ground and got caught in the mixup, fix up,
pick up, who the fuck told me to stick up.
i've never had a gun, just the kind that shot water.
drenched in the face from a hot sunshower.
Thanks are looking brighter thanks to roy g biv,
but it just went black with a pistol to my head.
well, god dammit, i aint feeling free with these boxer briefs.
theyre stressing me out, and puttin my life on edge, they got me goin loco in this space aged thug shit.
i cant finish it. theres too much milk in this goddamn shake.
The government kids put my life at stake,
i just dont agree with the way you get doown!!!

What did you say?

You better watch out and you better not cry,
cuz the po walks around with feeding off your lies.
theyd be giving you stitches and sewing you up.
you cant open your mouth just to say whats up punk.
offend the christians then play some defense.
Its different now that allah is the leader.
I cost me my brain with a can of mace.
so i'll loosen my belt to enjoy this consumption.
I'm not innocent.

fuck. i gotta find that piece of paper i wrote this on. i hate typing.
Track Name: Pity Tha Fool
Pity the fool

Im stuck in this long long stare and I have to tell myself to breath this air cuz
Im submerged under all this nothing and im still waiting for the sharpest thing
To wake me up, up outta this coma, to realize im alive and there’s fucking no one
But anger, sad, bad dreams, no truth, just false pretenses to save the world so
Hey hey
I’ve brought no sense to your feeble ears and all ive coughed was blood with fear so
Take your time, watch bombs collide, cuz I found the road that leads to nowhere
Upstate new york by Connecticut border, air ride equipped so to second I shift it
But I lost control when I saw the maddening sky

So now yer gone and I thought I was lost and had no directions to afford the cost
I was a friend in need but you were a friend with greed
A selfish lier who consumed the desire to fuck you up and get stuck in gold, the
White lines are lies, watch yourself unfold , yer not yerself, I don’t know who the fuck you are, you left us cold, but my friend you are the fire,
Hey hey
A starved machine, dead under pressure, against the order, yer making your life shorter
You find yer high that brings you low, and yer rotting sour cuz ya skipped the showers
Cuz ya don’t think its nice you waste some water
You dug me out a rut back to insane, but I fuckin pity the fool who climbs to fame.

I I I I I I I I I I I I I I pity the fool who climbs into ferrarri’s and private jets, yachts, but not tree houses.
Track Name: Rude Girl
Rude girl – I hope youre still up to tango

I took the medicine from my pops
Cuz I need to ease to put my mind at rest
Cuz there is so much I want but I will never have
I cant get these thoughts of this beautiful rude girl outta my head
otherwise it only helps if I got a fan and a bowl of ice
To fall asleep at night

I guess im kinda demonic in a charmingly way
I hate when theres a crowd of people in a line
When I need to buy 15 ounces of Libby’s
To make pumkin pie
I can make a fine crust with a devilish touch
And lure you in to the evils of love
Cuz this sugary mix just isn’t enough

And if im not the same I can change my ways
You don’t know at all what your eyes do to me
I can hear your voice through the words that you write
I just need this rude girl so I can dance tonight

Ive got a maniacal thought of killing the pilot whose flyin my brain
I’ve tripped on the wire thats makin me insane
I need a better connection so that we can
Get to know, eachother cuz that’s the root of the problem for me
Cuz I have no idea who you are. But Id like to find out a little more
Ive been recollecting my thoughts so I can tell you
Whats been on my mind, and how fine you look
Id like to know if you would take my hand and dance
Ive been to too many places where this style is banned
So lets Dance dance dance
Til the morning comes and when I lay my head I need my medicine
Cuz its back to the same routine again of tryin to get thoughts of you out my head

And if im not the same I can change my ways
You don’t know at all what your eyes do to me
I can hear your voice through the words that you write
I just need this rude girl so I can dance tonight
Track Name: Uh-Merica
Track Name: The Majority Of People Are Decoys
I cued up the tape to the song that reminds me of the time you and i drove to boston and back in a day
And It felt like nothing at all until we were an hour away when I exceeded the state speed limit, in your polka dot car we weren’t too far from home so I kicked up a mixtape, and danced along while you slept through the whole car ride and the whole album through the whole night.
I try to forget sometimes who I really am, so I act like a being from a different planet or laze my eyes and drop my chin like a zombie from the day of the dead. It might have been something that you said or it might have been the tune of the pinback song repeating in my mind that made me realize its easy to be myself when ur by my side.
But yo, don’t get caught off guard cuz I don’t feel like im not the same as I was and the words that I say might not be what you wanted to hear like torturing your ears when I grow out my nails and claw at the chalk board. I’d probably put Jessica alba on hold just to piss off the few that I have my problems with. And Id never resent showing my bitter side in the letters I sent.
And on the hot days in the summertime I wanna blacken out the sunshine and show my evil side when we take a ride, in yer old Pontiac Bonneville where the feeling is chill and it seemed that time stood still, and I wanna hold the moment with a song to remember and make a mixed cd of my memories. (lame) haha\

Yea I still act like a kid cuz I hate growing up, and I know when im grown I’ll still be a minor at heart cuz I hate dealing with people that annoy me. And for the record the majority of humans that walk this earth are a decoy of some sort, like the gift from the Greeks, the Trojan horse of troy, I’ll give anyone a try if they’d understand both sides. That’s the matter with most people, they don’t wanna consider a different point of view. And that’s what attracts me to you even though yer not that rude, you’ve got this thing thats hard to explain, it’s the kind of style I’d like to relate to. They say man only hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest, but I want to hear more off your chest.
I think that’s it. Word.
Track Name: It Really Makes Me Wonder (Feat. MC Devlin)
Yo, you don't wanna get mixed up with a guy like me, I'm a loner, a rebel
I still remember when my owner assembled me from like thousands of pieces of rotten cadavers
now I'm lost in the caverns, gettin' wicked like David Seville of the chipmunks

and all I want are my two front teeth to enjoy this meal in the back of my trunk

and I swing and I swang and I swung and I hope you brought the young
'cause I'm here to mate and by mate I mean eat your children while they're fast asleep

Loosen up my belt to ingest the dead
chemically unstable inside my head
sold my marbles to a man with a hook
he was trading me life for his hand that I took

Check the cortecca y'all cyborg girls I'm an analog man in a digital world
layin down thoughts on the 4-track, tryin to analyze life with a thorn in my thorax
picnicking in the rain on electric blankets still plugged into the wall
I ain't a rebel with a cause, I am a rebel on the scene with adamantium claws

Kryptonite kills the flow of the rudeboy game but I'm still ruder than Lex
'cause I wanna cop a feel with April O'Neil, find the secret of the ooze just to get that sex
and I heard one day when you go down low you gotta rub the beam to hear the Star Wars theme
A wookie told me "uh-oh", that place is a "no-no"
got to homeplate with C-3-P-O
caught in a mix up (mix up) tryin to fix up your fallopian straw with my Mechanical Claw
My German chorizo lubed up in Crisco

I crumble MCs like Nabisco in Frisco

Sawed the legs off of Big D's table
rude girls trippin' on my microphone cable
I plowed through Nitro and Tower
Take Lace to the place and waste time for an hour

Sometimes it really makes me wonder, what I gotta do to keep from going under
Sometimes it really makes me wonder, what I gotta do to keep from going under

Never bit the bait, but the bait bit me 'cause I got mad hits and these young girls won't let me be

It was only a crime under 17

I was on the scene like a sex machine, then every single thing below my waist turned green
so I hit up the doc for some topical lube,
then I used the tube to get rude in the room on a Tuesday night in the TV light I was feelin' alright (alright)
as an Indian woman with a jewel in her nose, entered my room in the Catwoman clothes

Took a personal day, she caressed me down
to my toes, then up to my crown
I'm alone no more but I'm still a loner
still rebel at heart put my bat mask on
yo Ma, can I iron my cape later on?

Rock on till the break of dawn
fall asleep and wake up in the neighbor's lawn

Hey, yo, don't get me wrong, no ounce of guilt I play women like Wilt
and when they tell me that's nothing but net
my heads up high, 'cause it's all I could get

Soylent green is a delicacy
get em and chew while the eatin' is good
I did it like this and I did it like that
And I did it with the Louisville wood and the wiffle ball bat and the soft ball metal
I'm a boiling kettle on a hot coal stove
I found myself but I lost my soul
Still it's all chill cause I'm just so goddamn ill

(BRIDGE- sung simultaneously)
I really gotta fix my shit so when you come on by I'm feelin' fly
I'll show you 'round to the circuit room
it's kinda cold in there so let's up the heat